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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Having begun this feeble effort at blogging, I feel some obligation (be it however small) to provide something for my devoted (or not-so-devoted) following. Since nothing particularly worthwhile has occurred to me, I decided to opt for a modest effort at entertainment. In 1978 my mother published a cookbook called The Sailor's Wife with recipes for outdoor cooking. Family members were encouraged to submit something, so I sent in the following piece. If you are feeling charitable, you might describe it as a poem. My mother matched it with this family photo of us preparing for a trek in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I'm the bloke on the left.


Sore feet and dirt
And sweat on your shirt
And a rattlesnake under each rock--
It's part of the fun
'Neath the blistering sun
When you go for a twenty-mile walk.

But treasures unknown
Are bought with each groan
As the load wears a hole in your back;
For sumptuous fare
And pure, unbreathed air
Await when you take up a pack.