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Monday, February 21, 2011

Once a Year or Never

This is a bit of poetic drivel I wrote several years ago for my own entertainment. Perhaps it will entertain you as well. It is intended to be read aloud--but not too loud.

Once a Year or Never

(Being a poor poet’s imitation of Ogden Nash)

Most people think windows ought to be done in the spring and in the fall,
But I think they ought to be done once a year or not at all.
Cleaning windows is an awful chore and a terrible laborium,
And the space between the panes is a natural laboritorium—
An entomologist’s delight and Miss Muffet’s sorest fright.
What are those glass menageries
With plants and smallish creaturies?
They might be called terrariums.
Perhaps they’re planetariums.
I think I’ll call my viewing ports my little spiderariums.
If I cleaned my windows in the spring and in the fall,
I would say I do it by the semi-annu-all.
If each four years I try to do them sorterly,
May I say I clean my windows quarterly?
My neighbors are ashamed.  With me they are quite vexed.
I’ll start my annual cleaning in the year that’s after next.

                                                             John K. La Shell

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