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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Who was that eternal Image in Your mind, O my God,
        the image according to which You fashioned
my body and my soul?
Was I that image, or was it my neighbor?
Was there a separate image in Your mind
        for every human being to be born?

We are all different one from another,
and yet we are all the same,
for we bear one Image, the Image of God,
Since there is but one God,
we must be fashioned according to one Image.

Scripture says that Your beloved, eternal Son
        is the Image of the invisible God.
By Creation we were stamped with one Image.
Through History that Image is differentiated into many images.
By Redemption the many images shall be lifted
        to the closest possible resemblance to the eternal Image.
And yet they shall retain their differences.

O wondrous plan!
The plan of an infinite Mind,
the plan of an dying Love,
the plan of an indwelling Power.
the plan of the triune God.

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